1) Question: When is the campaign period?
The campaign period starts from 18th November, 2023 to 31th October, 2024
2) Question: Where can customers find out the QR codes to download the Plasticfree Reward app?
Customers can find out the QR codes on our door stickers, posters, and website.
After scanning the QR codes, the customers will be redirected to App Store, Google Play, and App Gallery to download the app respectively.
3) Question: How many stamps can I earn for each Plasticfree action?
No Disposable Cutlery = 1 Stamp
No Disposable Container = 2 Stamps
4) Question: How many stamps does it take to redeem the reward?
Reward 1 = 6 Stamps
Reward 2 = 12 Stamps
Please remind the customers to scan the accurate QR code for the desired reward.

3 Stamps= A set of Stainless Steel Reusable Cutlery
(Redeemable at designated GREEN@COMMUNITY Recycling Stations or Recycling Stores)
6 Stamps = 250 GREEN
12 Stamps = 500 GREEN
5) Question: Since the App will require a verification process with the Bluetooth device via Bluetooth, do we need to teach customers how to turn on their Bluetooth during the operation?
After the app is opened, the app will ask the customer to turn on his Bluetooth and location function if the Bluetooth and location function are off. The App will only allow the customers to press the “Go Plastic-free” button after the Bluetooth and location function are switched on.
6) Question: How close should I keep the Bluetooth device from the tent card?
It is recommended to keep the Bluetooth device as close as possible to the tent card (within 0.5m) to make sure the customer can successfully scan the QR codes.
7) Question: If a customer orders takeaway online and picks up at the eatery, can the person earn the corresponding stamps?
Yes, it is recommended to notify and allow the customer to scan the corresponding QR codes at the counter to earn the stamps.
8) Question: How do I identify the completion page of “Redeem Rewards” shown on the customer’s phone is genuinely shown from the App but not a screenshot photo?
There will be a motion graphic on the completion page to facilitate eateries to identify whether the page is a screenshot photo or not.
9) Question: What are the recommended procedures if a customer earned the wrong kind of stamp?
The App unfortunately does not have a function to cancel the transaction.
Please remind the staff to advise the customer to scan the correct QR code in the future.
10) Question: What if the restaurant does not have the reward or does not want the rewards of the restaurant?
convert the e-stamps to GREEN$ points or GREEN$ "reusable tableware" e-coupons through the “Plastic-Free Rewards” mobile application for redeeming a set of reusable tableware or other daily necessities at all 44 Recycling Stations or Recycling Stores of the GREEN@COMMUNITY network.
11) Question: Will there be a customer service hotline for the Plasticfree campaign?
Yes, a customer service hotline will be provided on the App and website.